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  • Our hands after using this serum actually „felt relieved”. They are smoother, the cream as if it forms a protective coating. The skin of the hand is moisturized, and the irritation that J. had on his hands healed.

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  • Regenerum serum do rzęs

    „I noticed that the volume of eyelashes doubled.The additional plus is their healthy appearance – they are shiny, resilient, do not fall out as much as before – they are in great condition.”

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  • Regenerum Regeneracyjne szampon i serum

    „I am very happy with this duet and I will definitely come back to it because it works on my hair fantastically.”

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  • Blog juststayclassy -

    „Face regenerating serum can be found in a handy soft tube with an “airless” pump. The idea for the packaging is amazing. Additionally,
    the product has been packaged in a carton with foil. Using the pump, the serum comes out with no problems.”

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  • Blog -

    „I am very pleased with the consistency of the shampoo,
    which is thick, and on top of that, smells nice. Even a small amount, upon contact with water, makes lots of foam which can be easily distributed across the whole length of hair.”

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  • Blog my-love-cosmetics -

    „I really like when face products
    are packaged in hygienic, soft tubes,
    from which it is very easy to get the product out. The packaging
    that you can see on the photo allows that. The pump administers the product very well, it does not jam.”

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  • Blog goodyeary -

    Right from the start, the serum surprises you pleasantly with a handy packaging. Tube, but with a pump with a tiny hole. That is why I never extracted too much serum.
    The consistency of the product is ideal, thick, but not greasy.”

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  • „Mi najbardziej do gustu przypadło regeneracyjne serum do ciała.
    Bardzo ciekawa forma jeśli chodzi o tego typu produkt. Jest to mój pierwszy balsam do ciała w piance. Aplikacja przyjemna, wchłania
    się szybciej niż inne balsamy.”

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  • Blog avida-dollars -

    Regenerum is a brand widely known for its nails serum. However, the brand is much larger and, amongst other products, a face regenerating serum can be found.”

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  • Blog -

    „The scent of the product is very nice and pleasant to the nose. It reminds me a little of the scent of the cosmetics you can find in beauty parlors. Serum is ideal as a base under any cream, and straight under make-up, nothing rolls up or irritates.”

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