Regenerum nail regenerating serum


How does Regenerum work?

The five most common nail problems:

  • fragile nails
  • brittle nails
  • split nails
  • nail discolorations
  • dry cuticles


  • vitamin deficiency
  • contact with water and chemicals
  • the use of colored nail polish

Solution: Due to its high vitamin and oil content, Regenerum strengthens, moisturizes and protects the nail plate. Furthermore, it lightens discolorations and nourishes the surrounding cuticles. Regenerum solves the 5 most common nail problems simultaneously!P8

  • strengthens
  • elasticizes
  • prevents nail splitting
  • lightens discolorations
  • softens cuticles


Regenerum – complete nail regeneration



Rege­ne­rum combines effectiveness and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, it consists of only natural oils and vitamins A and E, well-known for their reinforcing properties.

The combination of oils and vitamins A and E is an effective and proven method, also used in home nail care. The strength of the produce lies primarily in moisturizing and regenerating power of essential oils and the strengthening and protective effect of vitamins.


The frequent wetting and drying of nail weakens their structure, causing them to become fragile and brittle. The oils, rich in essential fatty acids, moisturize the nails. Thus, the nails retain water protecting them from drying out (and absorption of water), and so reduce nail fragility.

Vitamins A and E are necessary for the proper functioning of the skin and its products, namely, nails. They help rebuild the nails and protect them against the harmful effects of external factors.

Vitamin A

Determines normal growth, development and functioning of the epidermal cells. Its deficiency causes nails to become brittle and fragile – not counting other adverse effects.

Vitamin E

It nourishes the epidermis and its products (hair, skin, nails). It smooths, softens and elasticizes the skin. It is a natural antioxidant – protects the body against harmful free radicals. Additionally, it reduces the sensitivity of the skin to UV radiation and inhibits photoaging processes.


Due to the high content of unsaturated fatty acids (approx. 85%), it has excellent nutritional, softening and moisturizing properties. Its light texture makes it easily absorbed, effectively regenerating the nail plate and preventing it from drying out.

Additionally, it has an antioxidant effect, thereby protecting the nails from the harmful effects of external factors. Its unique feature, among others, is natural sun protection factor level of 3-4.

Its high fatty acid content provides it with excellent elasticizing properties. It smoothes the skin and prevents transepidermal water loss. It has intense nourishment and repair qualities. When you use it, your nails regain their natural and healthy appearance, become stronger and shinier.

It has strong emollient properties, making it ideal for improving the elasticity of the nail. It supports nail regeneration and deeply moisturizes the nails, protecting them against water loss. Additionally, it softens the surrounding skin and prevents the so-called “hangnails.”


Lemon oil has a strong nourishing effect and perfectly strengthens and improves the condition of nails. Known for its bleaching properties, lemon also brightens the nails and helps restore the natural and healthy color of the plate.



Modern packaging

To make nail care effective, easy and convenient, the serum was put in a practical tube with a brush at the end.

Regenerum regenerative serum nail in a tube with a brush allows for:

  • precise application of product on both the nail and surrounding epidermis
  • better penetration of active ingredients
  • massage of the nail matrix
  • convenience of use
  • avoiding re-scooping of the product
  • simple dosage
  • hygiene
  • small, convenient size
  • easy storage
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